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Surf Exchanges Provide A "Viral" Source Of Targeted Traffic.
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From the Desk of: Mark Fisher

Traffic exchanges are one of the most popular ways used by marketers to draw traffic to their websites as well as to affiliate links and splash pages. Our state of the art software and the support of some of the top names in the industry make Traffic Heads ensures a constant source of new members to view your sites.

Drive Targeted Traffic And Get Paid

Using our surf exchange, you earn traffic by visiting other members sites. You'll also earn when your referrals surf. When your referrals upgrade you get paid a commission. Plus, you will earn second level commissions whenever their referrals upgrade.

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What Is Meant By "Targeted Traffic"?

Targeted Traffic means traffic that is interested in your site, and much more likely to become your subscriber, and hopefully your customer. When marketers say that traffic is their holy grail, they really mean targeted traffic.

At TrafficHeads, we ensure that paid members get a higher incentive to surf, meaning that your sites will be seen mainly by people who have already made a purchase. This way, the visitors we provide are much more likely to sign up for your offer.


What Is Meant By "Viral Traffic"?

Viral Traffic means that there is an incentive for people to pass on and share the source of traffic.

At TrafficHeads, we offer a high commission rate, allowing you to make money by signing up referrals - when your referrals upgrade, you get paid! And, when their referrals upgrade, you get paid again! Plus, the more people you refer means that more traffic will go to your sites, and that more people will see your offer.


What Is Meant By "Targeted Viral Traffic"?

Targeted Viral Traffic means that the traffic you send to your website can be re-used or re-cycled - to bring you even more traffic.

By placing your TrafficHeads affiliate link on your page, you can encourage people to join TrafficHeads as your referral. When they surf, they'll be earning you credits, and when they make referrals, they'll be sending more traffic to your sites! You earn credits when you surf, when your referrals surf, and when their referrals surf. And if they upgrade, you'll earn commission.

So by advertising TrafficHeads on your site, you are re-using your traffic and bringing more visitors to your sites, as well as earning from your referrals when they upgrade.


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